The Best PINA COLADA in the World…Seriously!

The best pina colada in the world! The best pina colada in the world! Seioy!!!!

Where can you find the best Pina Colada in the world and the most pristine beach in SE Asia? Koh Kood, Eastern Thailand.

I’ve had them in the Greek islands, I’ve had them in Jamaica, the Philippines and Bali, I made them myself in various cocktail Bars around the world… And I am fussy, very fussy when comes to my favourite cocktail, the pina colada.

So cynical I had become about finding the genuine authentic pina colada that I did not order one for myself when I saw it on the drinks menu at the fisherman’s hut’ restaurant in ko kood I ordered it for my partner who had never tried one in his life. So he had no idea how exceptional this cocktail.was. I still regret not ordering one for myself that night. I have during the months since (Nov 2019) been pondering the ingredients that may have made this particular pina colada a cut above the rest. I guessed that it was made from fresh local ingredients. The sweet and petite pineapples grown on the island And local surrounds and the creamy cocunut liquor that was made in this part of eastern Thailand and Cambodia. And I guessed right! The awesome staff at ‘the fisherman’s hut’ in ko Kood eastern Thailand have just replied to my request for their pina colada recipe and yes they agreed to share it with me, how cool are they! And now I can share it with you but before I do, be sure to visit the fisherman hut in ko kood, yourself one-day and try one of their amazing pina coladas. Let me know if you agree with me that this is where you will find the ‘best Pina colada in the world.

The recipe for the best pina colada into he world. (The fisherman’s hut’)

1 shot (50ml) light rum
1/2 shot creme de coconut liqueur
Drop of sugar syrup
200 ml pineapple juice
3/4 shot of coconut cream
2 pieces of pineapple fruit
Blend all together with ice

And yes the guys tell me they are currently open for business although in anew location on the island of Ko Kood. And although it’s been two years since I tasted their amazing pina colada the recipe remains the same. They also bbq the freshest and most affordable seafood we ate on the island. The restaurant staff did their own fishing !