Turtle Magic is not just about moving slowly it’s about endurance, resilience, and pacing yourself. Knowing when to pull back and retreat, reflect and consider, to introvert or knowing when it’s time to go full steam ahead and give it everything because you have the energy to do so and the time is right. Adhering to your own tempo and consciously connecting with your own internal energy generator. You know when you have the right energy for the relevant task at hand and you know you will work more efficiently and outstandingly if you are free to take control of your personal time lines and creative ventures. Turtle magic does challenge the convention of quick fixes and fast results. Fast Fashion Fast Food Fast Healing Fast Fads.

Turtle Magic seeks longevity, long lasting deep results, quality. Just like Rome, great things can take more than a day to create, days, years… many years. Healing; spiritual evolution can take a life time some would even say multiple lifetimes so be patient with yourselves and others and know there is always someone more advanced spiritually and creatively who can help guide or inspire you to grow and there is always someone who can benefit from your guidance as well.

Turtle Magic and its belief in slow deep healing combined with the cathartic emotional relief and release via creative expression and the resulting upliftment and joy experienced, is beneficial to those attempting to heal from emotional trauma. 

Through the the establishment of the Green Tara foundation, TM wishes to raise funds and awareness for the benefits of sexual assault victims. To lobby for improvements to Legal systems approach to dealing with and seeking justice for victims of abuse. To deliver TMcreative development workshops to disadvantaged communities locally and globally who have been dealing with the negative impact of traumatic experiences. When our international borders re-open TM will continue its initiative to provide creative development opportunities for refugees and abuse victims in low income countries in South East Asia. We will be seeking expressions of interest from creative people who may be interested in getting involved in this global creative development project.

TMcreative development workshops currently benefit disability groups, youth and community groups. Current projects include: Creative development music workshops for people with disabilities. Creative Musical Theatre Project. Song writing and creative writing workshops, Juvenile Detention centres and refugee groups

The intent of the Turtle Magic website is to provide a creative platform, portal, virtual hub for emerging artists and creative professionals presenting Diverse and Alternative themes with multi-media possibilities.

To curate an Online Store/Gallery to sell and promote artists and creative professionals.

Online Store to promote and sell TM Designs merchandise to help fund TM Creative development programmes and projects. So every time you purchase an item from TM DEsigns you are supporting our creative development projects.

Ultimately the turtle magic website is a celebration of life and all that is beautiful and amazing on this planet, including its people.

So, If you have any fiction or non-fiction articles you’d like to contribute to this website (TM magazine) or Artworks, designs, Podcasts, Music or something else you would like to display or sell, please get in touch.